Is there another option to get a college degree?

It’s no secret rising tuition costs are making a college education tremendously expensive in the United States. Recent student loan debt numbers continue to make the dream of college without the burden of student debt seem unattainable. Many students take on debt with their undergraduate degrees then continue to take on more debt to secure a masters level degree, seeing it as their only option to achieve their ambition.

Maybe there is another option. Maybe American students should consider attending a University abroad. Think I am crazy to even suggest it? It has to be expensive to earn a degree abroad, right? Think again.

Believe it or not, some top international universities charge no tuitionGermany recently did away with public university tuition for undergraduates. This includes globally ranked Universities like the University of MunichRuprecht Karl University of Heidelberg and the University of Hamburg.

Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson recently reported, on National Public Radio (NPR), about Americans looking for affordable degrees heading to Germany to complete their educations. It was surprising to hear that many classes are taught in English and so it is unnecessary in some cases for students to speak German. It seems fairly apparent that this may be the way for adventurous students to get a great education from a globally ranked University, experience another culture, create a global network of peers, and maintain affordable living expenses as a student. All without needing to take on large amounts of student loan debt.

Another tuition-free European destination to investigate is Norway, which is home to globally ranked universities such as the University of Oslo and University of Bergen. ​The catch here is that students must be proficient in Norwegian to be accepted.

Finland is another country that doesn’t charge tuition to international students, but these students, as is the case with Germany and Norway, still need to pay for living expenses.

Attending a university in another country, that is tuition free, seems to be a real option to explore for American students seeking alternatives to the rising costs of education in the United States.

2 thoughts on “Is there another option to get a college degree?

  1. Hey Holly, i found this post very interesting. I had no clue this was even an option for students. Were you able to find any data on the correlation between American students that earn a degree abroad and finding employement in the US?

    1. I didn’t find any stats about this while I was researching the article but here’s a quote from an article titled: Weigh the Pros, Cons of Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Europe written by Devon Haynie, an education reporter at U.S. News, covering online education. I think it sums up how most employers in today’s global economy value these experiences that are gained by students attaining a degree in a European country.

      ‘Those who do attend Europe’s top programs are likely to impress employers, says Allan Goodman, president and CEO of the Institute of International Education.
      “The marketplace for talent is global and it means that our next generation is going to be looking to work in a lot of countries, not just the United States,” Goodman says. When U.S. companies are hiring, he says they are looking for students who speak other languages and who have spent time living in another country.

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