5 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Tickets Online

Counterfeit tickets, double selling and wire money scams. Purchasing tickets online is not always a simple good deal. While shopping on the secondary ticket market, there are some questions you’ll want to ask:

Can you trust the company? First and foremost, do your research! Check the validly of the company and if possible, the seller. How long has the company been in business? Is the seller well established? A good place to start is the BBB and consumer websites for reviews.

Are you really getting a good deal? How much are you really paying after shipping and fees? Consider if the lower price is worth the gamble of receiving counterfeit tickets or not getting the tickets in time for the event. It’s important to evaluate if buying on the primary market is actually the better deal overall once you weigh risk.

How are you paying for the tickets? If a seller requests cash or money to be wired, you should be cautious.  It is typically safest to pay through the company posting the tickets. In addition, try to use companies or payment methods that provide buyer protection.

Are you safely getting your tickets? Look for options to instantly download tickets or have the tickets mailed to you. If you are meeting in person, be sure to meet in a public area. It wouldn’t hurt to let a friend know where you are meeting the seller and when you anticipate getting back. Be cautious if the seller won’t share their name or contact information. However, be sure to protect your own personal information!

What is the process if something goes wrong? If you receive fake tickets or do not receive your tickets at all, how will you be refunded? Be sure to clarify if you will be refunded in your form of payment, credit for a future purchase or if you will be issued replacement tickets. Be aware that some places may not offer a refund at all!

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