Fall Home Maintenance List

I love the change of seasons, and autumn is my favorite.  Cooler weather on the way.  Trading out my summer closet of sandals for boots and sweaters.  But as a homeowner, it’s important to do the same for your house, helping it prepare for the transition from heat of summer to the cool of fall and cold of winter.  Here’s a list of 4 priorities for your Fall Home Maintenance List, and ways to keep the costs under control this winter:

1. Programmable Thermostats

Check and update programmable thermostats. As the temperature drops, you’ll want to adjust the preferred temps in your home accordingly.  Give your heater a bit of a break while you’re away at work, and overnight while you’re tucked in snug with blankets.

2. Leaks

Check for leaks and do any sealing necessary. This is particularly true for doorways and windows.  More heat is lost through and around windows than anywhere else in the home.

    • If you haven’t before, check out weatherstripping (Amazon and your local hardware store are your friends) to ensure a more complete seal when they are closed.
    • For leaky spaces other than where things should be open, caulk or fill gaps that let warmth sneak out.
    • If you haven’t recently, do an all over energy audit of your home. This gives you the big picture of where your money and energy are going, and what you can do to save in the long-run.  Check out Home Energy Audits  for how to DIY or questions to ask in your search for an energy auditor.
3. Air/Heating Filters & Smoke Detectors

Change air and heating filters and smoke detector batteries. Check, replace, or purchase a fire extinguisher since it’s a cheap preventative purchase. My reminder in my home is to do these checks on the weekend the time changes.  It’s not exactly every 6 months, but at least that way I don’t forget!  Trying to push air through a clogged filter uses unnecessary energy, and can slowly drive up your costs.  Plus, many air filters can be cleaned and reused at least once, so if you’re pinching pennies, that’s a few smart cents.

4. Ceiling Fans

Learn how to reverse your ceiling fans. Most have a switch at the base that allows you to run them in reverse.  That way when you run the fan, rather than pulling up the hot air, it pushes it down into the room to even out the temperature.  This allows for less strain on your heater.

Do you have other tasks you add to your Fall home maintenance list to help keep costs down during the winter? Comment below.

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