Top 4 Budget Busters + Savings Tips

  1. Groceries
    • Plan your meals and stick with it, only purchasing what you need at the grocery store.
    • Don’t shop on an empty stomach. Everything looks enticing when you are hungry so you’re likely to overspend.
    • Try meatless recipes at least once a week. Meat is the most expensive part of a meal. Try recipes that use more affordable proteins like beans, lentils, quinoa, tuna.
  2. Fun Spending
    • Keep an envelope with cash for fun spending.  If the money isn’t there, it’s a tangible way of reminding yourself “not yet.”
    • Have an accountability buddy for your spending and check in together regularly.
  3. Dining out
    • Go to lunch or restaurant happy hours. Restaurants tend to have better dining deals earlier in the day.
    • Use the Groupon app for local restaurant deals.
  4. Pay Day Loans
    • Just say no to pay day loans. The fees and interest are far worse than most late fees you’d get from the bill you’re trying to pay.

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